Oliver Kollberg is a Finnish/Swedish freelance actor (MA), based in Helsinki, Finland. Oliver has graduated from Tampere University's acting program (Näty, 2019) and has worked at the city theatres of Kuopio, Lahti, Vaasa, Jyväskylä and Oulu, as well as with several smaller projects and groups. Oliver has acted in Finnish, Swedish and English, both on stage and on camera.Oliver strives for sensitivity and freedom in his expression and likes to juggle with various bodily logics. He believes in genuine human connection and shared warmth that build towards joy in creation and "serious playfulness". Constant curious exploring is his approach to all work (and life).
His previous work at Kuopio City Theatre (shows Agnes and Nyt kun olet minun) received praise and excellent reviews.
Oliver is currently freelancing in Helsinki, working on his own writing and with several applied theatre projects with Playback theatre Vox. He is gladly open to all kinds of projects and collaborations, so don't hesitate to reach out :)

curriculum vitae

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Personal particulars:Name: Oliver Kollberg
E-mail: oliver.kollberg (at) gmail.com
D.O.B.: 17th feb 1990
Height: 188 cm
Hair: blonde, currently long
Eyes: blue
Voice: High baritone
Driver's license: Yes (B)
Language skills:
finnish: mother tongue
swedish: native fluent (both finnish-swedish and swedish-swedish)
english: excellent
spanish: basics
Tampere University, Acting program, Näty, MA 2014–2019
Theatre Academy in Malmö, autumn 2018

past performances

film & TV

2022 Skuggmänniskor // "Kalle" // Arcada University of Applied Sciences // dir. Antonia Henn
2021 Rikospoliisi Maria Kallio (tv series, 1st season) // "Samuel Haataja" //
Zodiak Finland // dir. Jojo Erholtz
2021 To Do // "Ben" //
Metropolia Film school // dir. Emma Söderlund
2020 Den svavelgula himlen // "Basti" //
Solar Films // dir. Claes Olsson
2020 Ex-onnelliset (tv series, 4th season) // "Ville" //
Dionysos Films
2020 #heisback // "Jesus" //
Metropolia Film school // dir. Maija Alander
2019 Kakarat (tv series, 1st season) // "Employment office clerk" //
Zodiak Finland // dir. Markus Lehmusruusu
2019 I love cheating & Cowboy (shorts) // ”Boy” // dir. Heidi Lindén
2019 Aikuiset (tv series, 1st season) // "Electrician" //
Yellow Film // dir. Anna Dahlman
2018 Sipuli (short) // "Frans" //
Näty, Tamk, Elo Film School // dir. Hape Peltomaa
2018 Studio Tuska (short) // "Male lead" // Uneton48 competition short // dir. Joonas Schwanck
2017 Alisa (horror short) // Tuomas (lead) // dir. Johannes Lilja
2017 Kultaisen säteen enkelit (short) // Uneton48 competition short // dir. Joonas Schwanck
2017 MM95 // "Swedish reporter" // dir. Aleksi Mäkelä
2015 Love Records // "Promoter" // dir. Aleksi Mäkelä
2015 Poseidonin poika (short) // "Tomppa" (lead) // Uneton48 competition short, finalist // dir. Joonas Schwanck
2015 Keisaripaviaani // "Mikko" (lead) // Näty, Tamk ja Elo Film School
// dir. Aleksi Delikouras


2021 Nyt kun olet minun // "Tuomas" // Kuopio City Theatre // dir. Pasi Lampela
2021 Agnes // "Liisi2" and other roles // Kuopio City Theatre // dir. Juha Hurme
2021 War and Peace // "Nikolai Rostov" // Lahti City Theatre // dir. Pasi Lampela
2020 The Miser // "Valére" // Lahti City Theatre // dir. Ilkka Laasonen
2020 The Little Vampire // "Rydiger" // Vaasa City Theatre // dir. Perttu Leinonen
2019 Romeo + Julia // "Romeo" // Vaasa City Theatre // dir. Jakob Höglund
2019 Sugar – Some like it hot // "Dude" & "Joe's" cover // Vaasa City Theatre // dir. Rikard Bergqvist
2019 Cinderella // "Cinderella's father" & "the King" // Taaborinvuori summer theatre // dir. Taavi Vartia
2019 Hotelli H – immersive theater in Hotel Helka // "Cowboy" // 00100 Ensemble & Tarinateatteri Vox
2018 Sydänmaa // "Greatgrandfather" & other roles // Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri // dir. Jarno Kuosa
2018 Etyd 5 - Pinter! // Several roles // Theatre Academy Malmö // dir. Harald Leander
2018– Member of Playback theatre Vox
2017 The Miser // "Cléante" // Oulu City Theatre // dir. Kari-Pekka Toivonen
2016 Aatamin puvussa ja vähän Eevankin // Many roles incl. "Rikke the Dog" // Maarianvaara summer theatre // dir. Juhani Joensuu
2015–2018 several school productions // Näty, Theatre Academy Helsinki, Tampere Worker's Theatre
2013– Member of Ylioppilasteatteri


2021 Karvanlähtöaika // "Rasmus" // Yle Radioteatteri // dir. Anna Ruohonen
2019 Knausgård: Taisteluni (radio drama) // "Jan Vidar" // Yle Radioteatteri // dir. Vilppu Kiljunen
2019 Verimalja (voice-overs) (post) // several roles // dir. Jarno Elonen


Dance and movement (contemporary, couple dances, hiphop, locking, flamenco, step), singing (wide scale), oboe, guitar, bass, freestyle-rap, beatboxing, dubbing, improvisation, poetry, aikido, ice hockey, football, floorball and other sports.

Other work in the field
Leading a full-day workshop with new members of Ylioppilasteatteri, teaching a two-day monologue course at Suhe theatre (total 10 h), improvisation workshops, several improvisation gigs and other smaller performances. Some advertisements, eg. Hobby Hall's ”Äijät” youtube-ads

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